Cal's Story

Over the last 6 years Cal has built his vision, a movement, a tribe, driven by the injustice of those left out in the cold due to no fault of their own. The homeless crisis broke Cal’s heart. This aspiration and need to help inspired him to start to build a brand, a clothing line where profits go to supporting those in need and reducing the homeless crisis. Combining it with his passion for skateboarding, art, music and community, Calzy.Vision will be a MOVEMENT and a TRIBE.

All designs are by or inspired by our beautiful Cal, put together through love and magic by his close friends and family. 30% of profits from the sale of the clothes are donated to the purchasing of toothpaste, toothbrushes (bamboo), sensitive deodrants and plastic free body wipes for our CALZY CARE KITS bringing a little dignity and freshness to our friends on London streets.

Cal was an advocate for social change and social fairness. Cal believed that this country's homeless crisis was about more than just providing a person with four walls. He believed it was about encouraging an individual’s sense of value, worthiness, security, providing friendship and creating a home. Cal would never walk past someone sleeping rough on the street, he would sit down, start a conversation and ensure that person felt heard and seen. In his words ‘Help to make them feel part of this world’.

This world lost Cal in January 2021. Cal struggled with the world’s injustice and battled with his own mental health. Cal fought to bring his brilliant ideas to life but the demons in his head often stripped him of his confidence and as we now know, took him to his darkest places.

As Cal’s family and friends, inspired by his passion and heartfelt kindness, we are committed to realising his vision and fight to support those in our world who have been left out in the cold.